///Water Heaters – DX

Water Heaters – DX


DX Water Heaters in various capacities including Controller and Pump.

Choose capacity required and with or without stand option.


Reliable high quality DX water heaters (including brass hot water pump), designed specifically for use in farm dairies.
Guaranteed against corrosion to provide longevity our heaters are also equipped to heat during “off-peak” periods to enable savings of up to 75% in electricity costs.

Additional Delivery charges are applied based on the size of unit chosen as follows:

Water Heater Size Delivery Charge
30 Gallon £55
40 to 50 Gallon £60
60 to 70 Gallon £70
80 Gallon £75
100 to 120 Gallon £95



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300gallons / 1350Litres, 240gallons / 1080Litres, 200gallons / 900Litres, 150gallons / 675Litres, 120gallons / 540Litres, 100gallons / 450Litres, 80gallons / 360Litres, 70gallons / 315Litres, 60gallons / 270Litres, 50gallons / 225Litres, 40gallons / 180Litres, 30gallons / 135Litres


Large Stand, Small Stand, No Stand