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Our History

Cotswold was formed in 1969 in the UK. Initially our core business was automatic bulk tank washers, from here our product range quickly developed into stainless steel water heaters, heat recovery units, teat sprayers, udder washers, cluster flush systems, along with many more products which have seen us become the leading supplier of dairy hygiene products worldwide.

Since our establishment our aim is to always provide the highest standard of equipment and services to each of our customers.  As the dairy industry has changed and expanded so too has our product range, and that is why we continuously invest in the research and development of both new products and the improvement of designs on our existing portfolio.

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Our Experience & Knowledge

Our products are sold through distribution partners; partners who are carefully selected and trained by the Cotswold team to the highest standards, we can therefore ensure that we provide all our customers with a consistent, reliable, and effective service.

As a company that has been established for many years our team have a wealth of experience and knowledge we pride ourselves on our accessibility and flexibility, we understand that not every farm is the same, not every market is the same and therefore standardisation is not always possible, so we are always happy to discuss any requirements or questions you may have.