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The Cotswold coil heat exchanger is, essentially, a dairy water heater, without control box and element but incorporating one or two seamless 22mm stainless steel coils, depending on size and customer requirements. It is available in sizes from 40 to 240 gallons.

Coil Heat Exchanger Interior

Coil Heat Exchanger Interior

Product Features

  • Simple and Robust

  • Use to pre-heat water for water heaters

  • Cost-saving heat recover

  • Recovers heat from:

    • Refrigeration units
    • Heat Pumps
    • Solar Panels
  • All stainless-steel construction

  • Robus 22mm stainless-steel heat-exchanger coils

  • Substantially reduces your overall water heating costs

  • Is available in sizes from 30 gallons (135 litres) to 300 gallons (2350 litres)

  • Pump is not included.

Coil Heat Exchanger Diagram


  • The unit can recover heat from refrigeration units, heat pumps or solar panels, giving water temperatures of 45°C or more depending on the situation. This water can then be transferred into a standard water heater to be boosted up to the correct temperature for plant or bulk tank washing.

  • Transfer can be by gravity, utilising a timer controlled solenoid valve, or where the main water heater is at the same level, or higher than the heat exchanger, by a timer controlled water pump.

  • These units can give considerable savings on electricity costs, by utilising otherwise wasted heat on the farm.

  • As the main body of the heat exchanger is basically the same as a standard water heater, the cost can be kept low, compared to others on the market, making it a very cost effective option.


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