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Used for pre and post spraying of cows in the milking parlour, the standard system comprising three drop points and guns, the Supaspray pump and all necessary installation parts. The standard system can be increased in size to suit virtually any milking parlour.

The high pressure produced by the Supaspray pump, means that it will cope with some of the thicker chemicals on the market today and will work at the lower vacuum levels found on some modern low level parlours.

SupaSpray pump kit

Product Features

  • Vacuum Operated: connecting to existing vacuum line. It comes with vacuum connector, 10mm vacuum supply tube and combined moisture trap/auto drain.

  • Fits to Competitors Systems: pump unit can be fitted on to other manufactures installations and comes supplied with an Ambic adaptor.

  • High Performance: 60psi at 50kpa vacuum or 50psi at 44kpa, giving excellent teat coverage and fast application.

  • Simple Design:

    • Quick and easy to install
    • Wall mounted (bracket included) or sitting directly on chemical drum, (25 litre or 200 litre)
    • Only two moving parts, therefore simple and quick to repair.
  • Pump only works when actually spraying: giving low maintenance, long life and reliability.

  • Works with diluted peracetic acid solution: in common use these days for prespraying and cluster disinfection.


Post-Milking Teat Disinfection

The SupaSpray is used successfully with most post milking teat spray chemicals.  The high pressure produced by the SupaSpray makes it especially useful when spraying thicker chemicals, even works well on low vacuum systems.

Pre-Milking Teat Sanitation

More and more SupaSprays are used as a Pre-Milking teat spray, using either propriety prdoucts or a peracetic acid solution to combat environmental mastitis organisms such as Strep and Uberis.

Inter Cow Cluster Disinfection

Cluster disinfection is becoming a more common practice for whole her disinfection or to disinfect clusters after high cell-count cows.  Usually a per acetic acid solution is sprayed into the cluster between cows to control Contagious Mastitis organisms such as Staph and Aureus.

Supaspray pump kit


  • The Cotswold Supaspray can be supplied in kits with up to 10 drop points. A small pressure reserve cylinder is recommended for all multiple operator parlours and is supplied with all installations of 7 or more drop points.

  • The standard drop coil, normally blue, can also be supplied in red or green, to enable the operator to distinguish between pre and post spray systems, where the two are fitted.

  • The system uses the well-tried Cotswold teatspray gun, which can be supplied in 9″ or 12″, as an alternative to the standard 6″ gun.

  • The Cotswold Supaspray pump will work with most dairy chemicals, including peracetic acid.


  • Prolonged use with chlorine based chemicals will shorten the life of the pump and installation parts, with a subsequent effect on the warranty. It should also be noted that hand spraying of hypochlorite, in the parlour, is not recommended, for operator safety reasons.

  • The vacuum supply tube, from the parlour vacuum line to the pump should be no less than 10mm internal diameter. A length of the correct tube is supplied with the unit.


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