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For nearly 50 years Cotswold Dairy Equipment has been developing and manufacturing milk management solutions which enable the production of high quality milk worldwide.


Require the Highest Hygenic Standards

The milking process should be at the very heart of every dairy farm.  Producing a quality product which meets the high standards demanded by today’s customers is critical to the success of every dairy producer.

To achieve a top quality product, milk must be produced to the very highest hygienic standards. Cotswold Dairy Equipment provide milking parlour milk management solutions to facilitate this.

Milk should be harvested quickly and effectively, stored under hygienic conditions through the use of top quality well-maintained equipment while at all the times maintaining the health of the cow.

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Cotswold Dairy Equipment always recommends the introduction of Good Hygiene Practices

Maintaining healthy, clean animals and prevention of contaminants by:

  • Enabling appropriate udder preparation prior to milking

  • Ensuring milking equipment is correctly installed and maintained

  • Providing suitable clean water supply

Ensure milking is carried out under hygienic conditions

  • Implementing basic and consistent hygiene rules for all milkers

  • Maintaining a clean milking area at all times

  • Ensuring that equipment is cleaned and where necessary disinfected after every milking

Proper handling of milk after milking

  • Maintaining a clean and tidy milk storage area

  • Ensuring milk storage equipment is clean and capable of holding milk at the optimum temperature


The Benefits of Good Milking Management

  • Top quality milk attracts top prices

  • Healthy udders decrease somatic cell counts, have less problems and produce more milk

  • Minimise veterinary costs

  • Reduce lost days in milk

  • Increased milk yields – it is estimated that a cow will produce 200 litres more milk per lactation for every 100,000 drop in cell count

  • Increased profits – each case of mastitis alone is estimated to cost £250

Results of Top Quality Milk!

Producing top quality milk has many effects, lowering your Somatic Cell Count not only enables you to produce a higher milk yield but also brings higher prices for higher quality milk

Cotswold Approved Dealers

Our Products are Sold Through Distribution Partners; Partners who are Carefully Selected and Trained by the Cotswold Team to the Highest Standards.

To find your nearest Cotswold Dairy Equipment Dealer, please get in touch.

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Cotswold 2018 Show Dates

Cotswold is pleased to announce we will be attending the following shows in 2018: UK Dairy Day :  ........................................................Wednesday 12th September 2018. Irish Ploughing Championships :  ............................Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday ,18th, 19th, 20th September 2018.  SouthWest Dairy