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Teatwand 400 was developed in New Zealand to address the problems of automatic teatspraying on rotary parlours and incorporates the following features:

Product Features

  • A moving arm, giving good teat coverage.

  • The use of a flexible spring, so the arm flexes if it comes into contact with framework, milking equipment or cow’s legs, thereby avoiding harm to cow and equipment.

  • Can be programmed to adjust to different platform speeds, so that no adjustment is necessary for morning and afternoon milking.

  • Smart sensors, only allowing spraying if there is a cow in the stall with no teatcups attached.

  • Self-cleaning spray nozzles.

  • Stainless steel construction for longevity.

Teatwand Exact incorporates a number of important new features:

  • The Teatwand Exact has a longer reach of 500mm, as opposed to 400mm on the previous version allowing it to reach beyond the front teats.

  • The Exact has two nozzles, one angled forwards and the other angled backwards, so that all sides of the teats are fully covered.

  • A cow position sensor has been added to fine tune the spray start time.

  • A new intelligent control system allows three bursts of spray instead of a continuous spray.


The combination of the above modifications minimises spray usage and yet gives excellent coverage of all sides of all four teats. Typical spray usage should be below 20mls per cow.

 The effectiveness and reliability of the Teatwand can replace an operative in the milking parlour and (at an approximate installed cost of £18,000.00 for a 60 point rotary parlour), pay for itself in the first year!

Now over 350 installations in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom to date.


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